Backlinks: The Ultimate Guide


What are backlinks? What is the importance of backlinks in SEO? These are the few questions that every website owner wants to know when they hear the term “Backlinks.” Undoubtedly backlinks are a critical aspect of SEO that we can’t neglect. We understand the website owners’ concern, which is why we are here; to provide you with brief details on backlinks or links. 

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What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are those links that are on other websites coming to your website. In simple language, clickable hyperlinks pointing to your website from another website are known as backlinks. 

Let’s understand with an example;

Suppose you submit your website link on a directory submission website. In that case, it will be counted as a backlink of your website because it points towards your website while presenting on another website.

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Types of Backlinks

You must be aware of two types of backlinks; let’s take a quick overview of the backlink types.

Dofollow backlinks

Do follow links are the backlinks from other websites that pass value to your website and consider the most effective and beneficial link for your website because they pass the value or link juice.

The do-follow link is a follow link, which means sit will passes the value.

<a href=””>this is a follow link</a>

No follow backlinks

No follow links are links that don’t pass any value from other websites to your website and are generally considered low value. These links will not help improve your website presence or ranking in SERP.

The No follow link uses the rel=nofollow, which means not passing the value.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>this is a nofollow link</a>

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What is the importance of Backlinks in SEO?

As with on page SEO, backlinks significantly affect search engine optimization. Many website owners perceive that they don’t need to work on link building if their website has robust on-page optimization. Strong On page optimization help in growing your website presence in search result pages. However, to stand out at the top position in search engine result pages, you have to give equal importance to the Off page SEO. You can’t neglect the importance of backlink creation in SEO.

Acquiring quality backlinks will help improve your website ranking, drive more traffic, increase website authority, create brand awareness, and build trust in the audience towards your business. For brand building and SEO, your backlinks creation is equally essential for both purposes.

To grow your website presence over the web, you must consider both on-page SEO and high quality link building services in your online marketing investment list.

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How to Check a Website's Backlinks

If you are planning to run a link building campaign for your website, then checking the backlink of your website is the first step that needs to perform. Checking your website’s backlinks will help you know your website’s current backlinks status, types of links, the volume of backlinks, and many more factors that can help in a better strategy to produce a better outcome. 

Now, the question is how to check website backlinks. Well, several backlinks or SEO tools can help you get precise and brief details about all the backlinks.

Here are the few popular link building tools that you can use to check backlinks.

  • Moz
  • Ahref
  • BuzzStream
  • Ninja Outreach
  • Link Prospector
  • Just Reachout
  • Group High
  • Linody
  • Semrush

You can use these tools to check your links; however, if you have no idea how to use these tools, then you can consult professional link building companies. They are expertise in operating all of these tools and provide you the brief reporting about your website backlinks.

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How to Gain Backlinks?

Once the on page SEO has been done on your website, the second step is; Off-page SEO, which includes link building or backlink creation. But how to get quality backlinks? Unfortunately, getting quality backlinks has become a significant challenge nowadays, and you require professional help to gain quality backlinks for your website. 

Professional link builders will provide affordable link building packages within your budget, including different link-building activities. 

Here are a few ways of gaining backlinks that you need to know;

  • If you already have a strong connection with the retailers and suppliers, then you can ask them to mention your business website link on their website.
  • You can do a mutually beneficial partnership in which you offer something to your connections to mention your business link on their website or promote your business.
  • Nowadays, guest posting is one of the compelling methods of getting high authority backlinks to your website, so you can contact your industry niche guest bloggers and ask them to mention your business in guest posts.
  • Collaboration with influencers is also a proficient way of getting quality backlinks and promoting your brand to the audience. You can collaborate with the top social media influencers to share your website link on their social media handle. 
  • If you have happy clients, you can contact them to share their stories about your products or services on their social media handles. You can ask them to share your business website link with their connections.
  • Submitting your website link to other websites is one of the most popular methods in which you need to submit your website links on the other websites. These websites are free; you can mention your business with complete information.

Final Words

Therefore, this is all about backlinks that you need to know. Having high authority backlinks will help in growing your business. ON-page SEO is not enough; you must also give equal importance to link-building activities. Fortunately, is there for you to provide quality backlink services; you can contact them right now to grab the best deal on link-building packages.

Suppose you have no idea what link building is and how beneficial it is in search engine optimization. In that case, these Backlinks, the ultimate guide, will help you understand everything about backlinks. 

If you have any queries regarding the backlinks or link building services, comment below in the comment section. We will look into your concerns and come up with a valuable solution. Thanks!